Welcome to SAID

We have established the company "Specialised Area and Improvement Districts (Pty) Ltd".
The primary objective is to render management services to Precincts and City Improvement Districts (CID). 

Our approach to professional service delivery is based on the following :-

Joseph Pulitzer is accredited with saying:

"Put it before them briefly - so they will read it,
Clearly - so they will understand it,
Forcibly - so they will appreciate it,
Picturesquely - so they will remember it,
and, above all,
Accurately - so they will be guided by its light."
CID's are legislated "Not for Profit Companies" (NPC) created to assist and participate in the sustainable urban management of the public space within their jurisdiction.

Our main focus area of operating will be within the Greater Johannesburg area.

Latest News



DED traders meeting was held on the 24th of May. The aim of the meeting was to discuss the new policy on informal traders.



In the spirit of Dominance Day, ER 24 had a brief presentation on Gandhi Square in Johannesburg.